If you are thinking about having the siding replaced on your home this spring or summer, you are most likely starting to research the different types of material you can use. One of the most popular siding choices is fiber cement siding. Here is a summary of the benefits you can obtain by using this type of siding on your own home.


Fiber cement siding is made to last. It comprises a mixture of wood fiber, sand, and cement. This mixture will give the pieces the sturdiness needed to keep your home sided without breaking or weathering. It is strong enough to withstand most weather conditions, including wind. It is also made to resist fire and will not attract insects, including termites.

These resistant qualities along with the materials the siding is made from allows it to be free of any type of rotting or decay. When this siding is placed on the home, there are no overlapping seams, reducing the amount of allergens that come into the home. It will also reduce the chance of mold or mildew.


There are several choices available when picking out siding made from fiber cement. It comes in an array of different colors or you can paint unfinished pieces to give it your personalized hue. When painted, fiber cement siding will appear just look wood siding. There are many different styles you can pick, as well. You could use long boards of siding or you could place them on your home in a shingle form. 


Overall, maintaining the quality of your fiber cement siding is not all that involved and since the material is durable, it costs less to maintain it than other types of siding. You would need to periodically wash it down with a mild detergent to remove any build-up of dirt. You will need to check on the caulking that is keeping cracks sealed to make sure there are no spots where it is peeling away from the boards. 

You would also need to periodically paint your siding to brighten the color after normal fading from the sun. Water-based acrylic paint works nicely on this type of siding. Since fiber cement siding does not contract and expand as other sidings do, it is able to maintain paint for a while without the risk of peeling or cracking from the size of the wood pieces changing. Talk to a professional like Side-Pro, Inc. for more information.