Every homeowner should know the risks water damage may pose to their homes. Even in dry climates, poorly designed drainage systems can allow water to accumulate near the foundation and end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, exterior drain tile can solve most or all exterior water damage problems, saving homeowners a bundle.

Preserve Your Interior

The biggest advantage of exterior drain tile is the ease of the installation process. Interior drainage systems require massive disruption of the interior of your home. If you're home doesn't have a basement, installing an interior system will require putting your living space out of commission for a least a couple days. Even if you do have a basement, you probably don't want workers tromping up and down the stairs while installing your system. Since exterior drain tile is all outside, installation involves virtually no disruption of your home's interior. If you like your current decorating job, exterior drainage is the way to go.

Protect Your Foundation

Exterior drain tile is the best solution for homeowners wanting to protect their foundations from water damage. Interior systems can work effectively, but they often result in damp soil pressed against the wall of a home's foundation. This can promote the growth of toxic mold that will slowly but surely eat away at the foundation of your home. Exterior drain tile involves digging a trench around the foundation and filling it with gravel. This prevents water from accumulating near the foundation, protecting it from water damage, no matter how hard it rains. This advantage is particularly important for older homes, as their foundations are more susceptible to decay.

Combine With Waterproofing

A final big advantage for exterior drain tile is the ability to install a waterproof membrane around your foundation at the same time that you install the drainage system. Since drain installation requires digging a trench next to the foundation, it's very easy for workers to apply a liquid or sheet-rolled membrane before completing the drain. This provides you double protection against water damage. The combination is particularly effective in cold climates, where melting snows leave the ground soggy and damp every spring. Since the membrane reduces the risk of water damage, it can often pay for itself by reducing your insurance bill.

Don't delay waterproofing your home until it's too late. Get in touch with a local waterproofing company like Rite-Way Waterproofing to ask about exterior drain tile today!.