If you have a conventional asphalt roof and it needs to be replaced, composite roofing materials can be a great option. These materials can come in conventional shingle designs or even resemble materials such as slate, shakes and tile roofing. With composite materials, you can add any look to your home without doing any major renovations or structural changes to support roof loads, which makes composition materials a great, long lasting option for asphalt shingle replacement. Here are three looks that you can get with composite roofing materials on your home:

1. Using Composite Slate Products For The Look Of Real Slate

Slate is a great look for your home, but is also a very costly roofing material. Composite materials can give you the look of slate at a lower price. These materials can also be used on homes with conventional asphalt shingles and will last for many years. Another benefit of composite roofing slates is that you have a lot more choices of colors and styles for your roofing. This can give you the option to choose slate tiles of any sort for your home, without worrying about the cost and availability of materials.

2. Composite Roofing Tiles For The Look Of Tile

There are also composite materials that are made to look like roofing tiles. These can come in many different styles, colors and thickness. If you have an existing tile roof that you want to replace, composite tiles can even be used to replace real tile. They have the benefit of being very durable and long lasting. The composite tiles will not come loose or break as easily as real tiles, which can reduce the costs of repairs on your tile roof.

3. Replacing Your Asphalt Shingles With Roofing Shakes

Asphalt shingles are designed to mimic the look of roofing shakes, but have many disadvantages. There are also composite roofing shake materials, which look just like real wood without the disadvantages. Composite shakes are not vulnerable to water or fire damage, which make them a great option if you live in an extremely wet or dry climate. They can also last longer than some of the wood roofing materials that are on the market. Composite materials will also require less maintenance and repairs than real wood shakes.

These are some of the looks that you can get when using composite roofing materials on your home. If you need to replace your old asphalt roof, contact professional roofing contractors (such as those from B & J Roofing) and ask them about using some of these materials for your new roof.