As a home owner, there is a lot of maintenance you will be required to do throughout the years. Even a brand new home will show issues after so long. Owning a home that is old comes with a whole new set of problems though. One of those issues may be the electrical system in the property. If the wiring is old, it may shows signs that it needs to be replaced with new wiring. Here is a list of ways to determine if it needs to be replaced.


Since the electrical sockets are the source of electricity for your house, it makes sense to start there when checking the electrical system in the property. Place a hand against the sockets to check them. The sockets should feel cool to the touch. If the sockets are warm or even hot, this is a sign that the wiring in the home may not be functioning as it should. In extreme cases, there might even be scorch marks on the sockets.


If your circuit breakers are tripping more frequently than usual, it may be a sign of old or faulty wiring in the property. When it is the same breaker over and over, it could just be a sign of too many amps on the same breaker and the overload causes it to trip. Check which sources are using that breaker to determine how many amps are running to the breaker. If the source load seems normal, it could be a warning that the wiring is faulty.


Another issue for the breaker box could be a humming noise. This can also happen near sockets or switches in the property. Humming noises are associated with bad wiring or loose wires. It is never a good sign that a switch or socket is humming and usually these are replaced as soon as possible due to the risk of an electrical fire.


A very serious sign that the electrical wiring is bad is a burning smell that cannot be identified. This typically happens when the faulty wiring heats up nearby sources so much that it starts on fire. The smell may be coming from inside the walls which make it difficult to pinpoint. If you think you have an electrical fire risk, you should call the local authorities immediately and go to a safe place.


This list is a simple checklist to go through if you think you have faulty wiring. In the event that you do have bad wiring, you should locate a professional electrician (like those from B & N Electric Company Inc) to replace the wiring in the house. Unless you have the proper knowledge and experience, you should avoid messing with the electrical system in your property due to risk of injury to yourself and the property.