You're probably asking yourself where the time went. It may seem like you were shopping for Christmas presents just yesterday, and yet spring is here and summer is just a few short weeks away. If you're wanting to clean your house from top to bottom and to repair parts of your home that are damaged, here are some ideas for you.

Make It A Family Affair - Have a family meeting and divide the chores.

  • If the kids are too little to be of much help, they'll still have fun working with you. Give little ones a rag and ask them to go along the baseboards, even if you have to follow them to do a better job!
  • Older kids should, of course, be in charge of cleaning out their drawers and closets, and of making their rooms look magazine-perfect. Two people are definitely better on windows, as one can work outside while the other person works inside.
  • It also might be fun and extra productive to work in teams. One team could be in charge of the living room, dining room and den, while the other team is in charge of the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Everybody is in charge of getting rid of too much stuff. Have a bag for charity, another one for trash, and a separate section for things that can be sold at a yard sale.

Hire A Handyman - Be realistic about the jobs you can do yourself. You may not have the skills or the right tools for certain jobs. For those you can't do, consider hiring a handyman, like those at GH Contractors & Handyman Services LLC. As you assess what needs to be done in your house, make a list of things a handyman can do for you. 

  • If you have a small paint job, you certainly don't need to hire a professional painter. A handyman can paint a closet, doors, or anything else that's on a small scale.
  • Do you have something heavy that needs to be hung? Whether it's a large painting, shelves, or a heavy cabinet, a handyman will know what kind of hardware is needed and can do the job so the object will stay where it belongs.
  • Perhaps your driveway, garage floor or patio needs to be cleaned thoroughly. A handyman can do that for you because he has the best equipment to do the job really well.
  • A handyman can even build a small shed for those things that need to be stored.

Good for you for getting your house ready for your family and friends to enjoy.