If you are buying a new aluminum carport to install on your rural property, then it is important that you anchor it into the ground. Without proper anchoring, your new carport may blow over in a strong wind storm and become permanently damaged. Blowing over can not only cause damage to your carport's structure, but it is also a danger for people, pets, and property.

Carport Auger Anchor Basics

Anchoring a carport into the bare ground or a soil foundation requires that you use auger anchors. Auger anchors are sometimes referred to as mobile home anchors and are sold under this name in some areas of the county. Auger anchors are a special type of anchor which are made of steel and have round threaded blades on the end. 

Auger Anchor Installation

Auger anchors are installed on each support where your carport comes into contact with the ground. The anchor's blade allows it to be screwed into the ground, in the same fashion as an auger drill. The auger blades serve the purpose of securing the anchor into the ground. Even in loose soil, auger anchors will hold your carport.

Building Permits and Certification

In order to obtain a building permit or certification for an aluminum carport that is to be installed on a soil foundation, you will need to have the area leveled and the carport professionally anchored with auger anchors. While there are other types of anchors on the market, auger anchors are the only ones approved for carport anchoring without a concrete or asphalt foundation.

Anchoring a Carport into Concrete or Asphalt

If you decide that you want to have a concrete foundation poured for your new aluminum carport, then there are special anchors known as concrete anchors. Concrete anchors are large metal poles with screw threads on the end. To install this type of anchor, your contractor will drill a hole in your concrete slab with a concrete drill bit. Into this hole, they will screw in the anchors.

If you prefer an asphalt foundation, there are also specialized anchors made for this type of foundation as well. Asphalt anchors have barbs on them that hold them in place in asphalt.


By utilizing auger anchors, you can safely and effectively keep your aluminum carport in place even in the strongest storms. If you need additional assistance with anchoring your new carport, contact a carport seller in your local area, such as Sauer & Sons Construction.