When newlyweds are looking to buy their first house they often want a master bathroom. They want a space that they know will be their own. They may overlook the other bathrooms in the house because they focus on the master. Later, when children, arrive you may find the need to remodel your bathroom to make it more child-friendly. Follow these tips to get the perfect bathroom for your little ones.

Safety First

Bathrooms can be dangerous places. They are full of slippery surfaces and lots of water. Make sure that your new vanity has a pull out step-stool drawer on the bottom. This way your children can simply pull out the drawer and step on it as they wash their hands or brush their teeth. This type of vanity is much safer than simply purchasing a step stool that can be knocked over. It is also more pleasing visually because it reduces clutter in the bathroom.

The next area of safety is with the water in the bathroom sink. Install a motion-sensor faucet that has a preset temperature setting. Your children will be protected from scalding and will always have easy to reach water when cleaning up after themselves. Another benefit of using motion sensors is that you will not have to worry about your children accidentally leaving the faucet on and wasting a lot of water. It may cost more up front for this type of faucet, but it will save you money in the long run.

Protect your children's fingers from getting pinched in the toilet seat lid. Soft closing toilets always close slowly and gently. It is not possible for the lid to slam down on little fingers. This type of toilet also reduces the noise pollution in your bathroom, creating a win-win.

Plan for the Future

As you plan your remodel you need to remember that little children grow up. You may think it is a great idea to have a children's bathroom with a claw-foot tub, but won't you need a shower eventually?

Add a tub-and-shower combination that has built-in shelves. Have shelves right at tub height for your young child's bath toys and shelves up higher for your eventual teenagers' toiletries.

Adults know the pleasure that can come from a bathroom made for them. Go ahead and remodel your children's bathroom to fit their needs and let them have that pleasure too. Contact a professional like City Builders & Supply Inc to get started.