In some cases, it is very easy to repair vinyl siding. Of course, this will largely depend on how your vinyl siding was installed. Some products are installed on the house with hardly any fasteners, screws, or glues. If this is the case with your vinyl siding, the easiest way to make the repair might be to just completely remove an entire plank and replace it with a new one. However, many vinyl siding products are more firmly attached to the sidewall, so to make basic repairs you often need to use vinyl patch. This article will explain how to patch small holes in your vinyl siding.

Working with Vinyl Patch

The great thing about vinyl patch is that it is very durable. Sometimes it is even stronger than the original vinyl because it is slightly elastic. This strength also makes it a little sticky and difficult to work with if you are not prepared. First, be sure to have plenty of latex gloves when using the patch. Also, have at least two strong putty knives. You can also make the patch job a little easier on yourself if you keep a big roll of paper towels on hand. This way you can wipe off the putty knife after each patch job you do. The vinyl patch dries very hard and very quickly, so do you not want it to get stuck to your putty knife during your vinyl siding repair.

Most vinyl patch products are sold in two components: the main putty and a small tube of hardener that you mix in. When you apply the hardener, the putty will dry very quickly. The more hardener you apply, the quicker the putty will dry and the harder the patch will be. If you've never used vinyl patch, it is best to practice mixing and spreading it on a scrap piece of vinyl before you try to patch your siding.

Filling Large Holes

To fix large holes in your vinyl, you can use basic drywall tape to cover the hole and then spread the patch over it. This is a very effective solution and the best way to fill in large gaps. The key is to first apply the tape over the hole, then put a thin layer of patch over the part of the tape that is stuck to the vinyl (not the hole). Wait for this to dry before you apply the patch to the rest of the hole. This will reinforce the tape and ensure that it will not peel away when you start to patch over the hole.