Are you not receiving any heat from the central heating system in your house? If warm air is produced by way of a gas furnace, the problem is likely due to there not being a pilot ignited. There are a few things that can cause a pilot to not ignite, but a plumber can inspect and repair the furnace in an efficient manner. In this article, learn about gas furnace pilots and what a new furnace may cost if you need to buy one:

What Can Cause a Gas Furnace Pilot to Stop Functioning?

It is possible that the pilot to your gas furnace simply got blown out from a draft of wind. Although it is possible to reignite the pilot on your own, it is in your best interest to not do it. You should call a professional to ignite the pilot because it involves handling gas. You don't want to release too much gas via the gas valve, as it can lead to an explosion. Once the pilot is reignited, your central heating system should produce warm air again.

It is also possible for dirt or rust to accumulate on a gas pilot. If there is something preventing the flame from ignited, not only will you not have warm air, but your home is at risk for a fire hazard. It is important for the pilot to be professionally cleaned, but it may need a replacement if there is a lot of rust on it.

The burner is vital because it is where the gas valve sends gas to be joined with fire. The burner then sends the flame up through the pilot so your home can be heated. If the burner is damaged, along with other parts of the furnace, you may be better off with buying a new one.

What Does a Gas Furnace Cost with Professional Installation?

The price of a furnace will depend on how efficient it is, as well as how complex the installation task is for the contractor. The estimated price that you should expect to pay is $1,700 or more for a gas furnace that is designed for a central heating system. Replacing a faulty gas furnace is a worthy investment no matter how much the replacement costs. Get in touch with a plumbing contractor so he or she can inspect your gas furnace to figure out if it should be replaced!

Contact a furnace repair specialist today if you need more help or have other questions.