Is that gas you smell in your home? Hopefully not! But if you suspect you may have a gas leak somewhere in your house or on your property, it's important to act quickly. Containing a leak before it gets worse and causes your family to become ill or increases your home's fire risk is vital. So if you think you might have a gas leak, here are three steps you need to take right away.

Open Doors and Windows

If you suspect a leak but don't see any immediate issues, you can take a bit of time to investigate. But remember - the fumes from a gas leak can rapidly build up to deadly proportions. If you do have a leak, give fumes a way to exit your home before they can overwhelm your family members. Opening a window can also let you know how bad a gas leak may be - sniff again to see how strong fumes may be. If an open window takes away all fumes, you may have just smelled a bit of extra gas that was let off when using a gas range or other gas-powered appliance.

Get Out Now

Opening a few windows and doors in the first step should have taken no more than a few minutes. And when you suspect a gas leak, each minute counts. As soon as you've provided quick ventilation for your home, get your family and pets out right away. It only takes one quick spark to turn a gas leak into a gas-fueled disaster. But just getting out of the house isn't enough, especially if you believe your home may have more than just a minor leak. Move away from your property by going across the street or down the block a little ways so that if the worst happens, you won't be within the blast radius. But be careful: move away from your house on foot only. Starting a car in your garage or right next to your home may light the spark that turns a suspected leak into a sure thing.

Call for Help

Dial 911 or the emergency number provided by your natural gas provider to alert them to your suspected gas leak right away. This will start the ball rolling not only in getting help for your home, but also in evacuating neighboring properties if necessary. Gas leaks are taken very seriously because of the sheer amount of damage that could be caused both by accidental inhalation and through property fires. Trained gas company employees can ferret out the leaks you suspect far more easily and safely than  you'll be able to on your own.

When you suspect a gas leak in your home, you have to respond quickly and appropriately. When you ventilate, escape and call for help, you are not only taking steps to keep your family safe, but to ensure your property remains safe as well.

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