When the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts to fly, you can count on spending more hours inside. Make sure your home is a healthy indoor environment by following these four steps:

Have your carpets cleaned.

Your carpets can harbor all sorts of nasty bacteria and viruses, not to mention allergens like dust mites and pollen that might have you sneezing all winter long. Arrange to have your carpet professionally cleaned before winter hits, so you can sit on it while playing games or watching television without fearing for your health. Make sure the professional you hire uses a steam cleaning method, as the high temperatures will kill germs effectively. Plan your carpet shampooing session for a warmer day, so you can open the windows and encourage the place to dry out more quickly afterwards; this will prevent mold growth in the damp carpet. For more information, contact companies like Amer Carpet Cleaners.

Replace your furnace filter.

Your furnace filter is supposed to trap allergens so they don't keep being propelled through your home when the heat kicks on. If the filter is dirty, you'll be at an increased risk of allergies and illness. Remove the filter from its slot between the furnace and air duct, and take it with you to the store to make sure you purchase another of the same size. If you have pets, be sure to purchase a filter made for homes with pets, as it will be more effective at trapping pet dander.

Invest In Some Door Mats

In order to keep your home clean and healthy, you need to make sure you and your guests are not tracking contaminants inside. An easy way to accomplish this is to put down some door mats. Guest swill take the hint to remove their shoes, and you'll remember, too. Clean your door mats every now and again to ensure they do not become a source of contamination. Placing them in a laundry tub or your bathtub and soaking them in some bleach water will do the trick!

Purchase Some Plants

Plants are known to filter pollutants like ozone and carbon dioxide from the air. When you're spending a lot of time inside, this is very important.  Some plants that do well inside include spider plants, snake plants, aloe vera, and jade. They'll add a refreshing touch of greenery to your room, which should brighten your mood in the dreary winter, too.

When you spend a lot of time inside during the winter, it's essential to make sure your home is a healthy place to be. Take the time to have your carpet cleaned, put down door mats, change your furnace filter and set up some plants. You'll experience a lot less coughing and sneezing as a result!