When you press your garage door opener remote, you expect the door to open or close without hesitation. When this doesn't happen, it's downright frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry. Being able to get to the bottom of the problem quickly can get your opener back on track, faster. If you are faced with this challenge, here are two reasons your garage door opener remote might not be working.

Signal Issue

If your remote opener only seems to work when you are literally standing directly in front of the garage door, a weak signal could be the primary culprit. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can cause this type of problem and it may not have anything to do with your system. In some cases, there is a wiring issue taking place within the actual opener that is preventing it from receiving the signal from the remote.

A weak signal can also occur when there is an excessive number of devices with radio frequencies in the area that are hindering the signal. You can also experience this problem if your neighbor's opener frequency starts to interfere with yours. Solving this problem is best left to a professional as it is often necessary to change the megahertz level at which the opener operates to avoid this.

Incorrect Batteries

When a remote opener won't control the door, many homeowners promptly replace the batteries. While this is good start, if the replacement batteries aren't strong enough, this will be a less than effective step and the remote will likely still not function correctly. Don't simply choose the first remote you see that states it is for use in an opener remote.

The type of battery a remote opener needs can vary widely even among the same manufacturer. Make sure you choose new batteries with the right strength level. While you have the battery open, it might not hurt to look over the electrical contacts to ensure there isn't any damage, such as a bent connector. Even with the right batteries, if the connector isn't fully resting on the battery, you will have an issue.

While some issues can be handled easily on your own, make sure you are calling on a professional when your opener isn't working for a more technical reason. Failing to do so and trying to embark on a repair on your own might end up causing more harm than good. Try this garage door service for assistance.