Your medicine cabinet is a versatile addition to your bathroom. It provides a mirror for applying makeup and styling hair and offers handy storage space for toiletries and grooming products. Custom medicine cabinet ideas give you lots of options for creating extra features that can help you with your everyday routine. Here are a few options for custom cabinet modifications you can have your contractor help you create and install in your bathroom.

Family Communication Board

You can transform part of your medicine cabinet into a chalkboard, which makes it easy to leave handy reminders to yourself or other family members throughout the day. If you have a single-door cabinet, have your contractor cut and install a piece of chalkboard on the inside of the door so you can see messages when you open the cabinet. For a two-panel cabinet, replace the glass on one side with the chalkboard. With a three-panel cabinet, place chalkboards on both ends of the cabinet and leave the mirror in the middle to create a symmetrical look. You can use your chalkboard to make a list of items you need to replace in the bathroom or leave a reminder about an important meeting so you don't forget.

In-Door Storage

Small items, such as lipstick, eye shadow and ointments, can create clutter on your medicine cabinet shelves. Have your contractor install small organizational bins or shelves on the inside of the cabinet door to create a handy place to store these items. Be sure to choose pieces that don't stick out too far so you can still make use of the original shelves in your cabinet. Once the in-door storage is installed, you can organize your tiny items for easy access, leaving the interior shelves for hairspray, shaving cream, and other large items.

Fully-Powered Cabinets

If your bathroom is lacking sufficient electrical outlets, you can have your contractor install new outlets directly in the cabinet. This will require some rewiring in your bathroom and a few modifications to your medicine cabinet. Have the outlets placed near the bottom of the cabinet, and ask the contractor to create openings you can use for cord management. You can use these extra outlets for your hair dryer, curling iron, phone charger or radio. Be sure that the new outlets are GFCI outlets, as these are designed to prevent electrical shock in wet or damp locations.

Work with your contractor to find medicine cabinet solutions that work with your bathroom. Whether you want to add fun features to your space or you have limited room for storage, custom medicine cabinet modifications can make life in your bathroom more convenient.

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