If you have ever driven by a neighbor's yard and wished you had the time and patience to have something similar in your own yard, it is time to learn a few tips for choosing an easy landscape design to showcase your yard in the best ways. Before consulting with a professional landscaper, it will be helpful to consider the following advice to narrow the possibilities.   

#1-Consider Your Pets When Planning Your Yard

Although it is easy to envy the ornate yard of your child-less neighbor, it is crucial to consider both the needs of your family and what you will be doing in your yard when planning for its makeover. For instance, if you have a dog that uses your yard , you should avoid allowing aloe, apricots or California ivy to grow in your yard, since they (and many others) are poisonous to dogs. If your cat enjoys spending time in your yard, you will similarly want to avoid planting anything from the carnation family, chives and eucalyptus, among others.

#2-Determine How Much Time And Energy You Are Willing To Spend On Upkeep

Even if you have no previous experience with landscaping, it is possible to consistently have a memorable and attractive yard. However, unless you plan on writing checks to your landscaper on a regular basis, it is a good idea to do as much of the maintenance of your yard as possible.

As a result, making a landscaping schedule that you can consistently stick to in the future will be necessary. Ivy plants grow quickly and besides occasional trimming and appropriate placement within the yard to provide the right amount of water and sunlight, often don't need a lot of time. A rock garden is another low-maintenance option and of course, the use of attractive containers to plant in has consistently been a popular landscaping choice.

#3-Landscaping Does Not To Be All-or-Nothing

If you find yourself comparing your yard to an ornate and sophisticated one down the road, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the differences between their yard and your own. Instead, it is a good idea to start small and allow the yard to reach its full potential over a period of time. 

For instance, it is not necessary to go from a barren yard to a complete and eye-popping area overnight. For instance, instead of a flower bed that features several different kinds of flowers, you can plants smaller areas that have just one or two types of flowers. Alternatively, you can start with just your front or back yard and only when you are happy with one, move to the other. A third idea is to provide plants or flowers that have already grown in planters that can be transferred to the soil in your yard, thereby limiting the need to plant, water and fertilize the greenery.     

In conclusion, your yard is typically the first thing that people see when they come to your home or drive by. As such, it can make an important statement and if you want to give the right first impression, using the above tips when choosing new landscaping options will be very helpful.

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