If you have carpeting in your home, you must know that one of your carpet's top enemies is dirt. Dirt on hard surfaces is okay because it easily can be swept up and it is more noticeable, which means homeowners are going to ensure that it is cleaned up quickly. However, when it comes to carpeting, dirt gets trapped in the fibers, which means it's not as noticeable and it has a higher chance of staining the carpet the longer it becomes set into the fibers. In order to prevent this from happening, homeowners with carpeting should follow these three tips for keeping dirt away:

Always Clean Out the Filter or Vacuum Bag: 

Whether your vacuum has a filter or a bag that collects the dirt that is being collected from the carpet, you will want to clean it out before it gets full so you can have a clean start the next time you vacuum. If you aren't doing this, the amount of power that your vacuum has is lessened and it won't be able to suck out as much dirt from the fibers of your carpet. Be sure that you are also replacing the bag or filter every few months to ensure no built-up dirt on the edges that is difficult to remove is causing the power of the vacuum to dwindle. 

Vacuum Efficiently: 

Instead of simply going over the carpeting as quickly as you can to get the task of vacuuming over with, you should ensure that you are actually vacuuming efficiently. Otherwise, the point of vacuuming the carpeting is lost. You should be using the hose attachments on the vacuum to clean the edges of the carpet where your vacuum cannot reach. You should also be vacuuming over every spot of the carpet slowly to ensure that it has time to suck up all dirt that is stuck there. 

Use Mats Inside and Outside: 

Having mats outside of your back and front door is common; however, homeowners with carpeting should also have a mat inside of these doors, as well. This gives everyone the opportunity to wipe their feet twice before stepping on the carpet. This is going to keep much more dirt off of the carpet. You should also consider removing your shoes every time you enter the house to lower the chance of dragging in dirt even more.

When you utilize these four tips, keeping dirt off the carpeting in your home is going to be easier, which is going to make your carpeting last longer and also be healthier to live with. For professional help with carpet cleaning, contact a company like Conscientious Carpet Care.