A residential roofing leak is an emergency that requires a few immediate maintenance steps. Here are some things to do at the first sign of a roofing maintenance issue. 

Protect Your Household Items

The first step is to move any items that are directly under the leak. You could also be extra cautious and move all valuables out of the entire room. You never know when the hole will open up and pour water into the entire area. If you are unable to move large objects out of the room, then you may want to invest in some plastic covers to protect them from water damage. 

Let the Water Drain

Next, consider opening up the hole to let water properly drain from the leakage spot until you can get it fixed. If water starts to collect around the hole and can't drain properly, you may end up with an even bigger issue on your hands because the entire roof could buckle. Use the tool of your choice to widen the hole, and be sure to put some buckets under the area to collect water before it damages your floor. 

Decide Whether to Call a Professional

Next, decide whether to hire a residential roofing repair contractor or attempt to fix the leak yourself. What decision you should make often depends on how severe the roofing problem is. If it's due to a nail puncture or other small indent, then you may be able to apply roof tar and fix the problem yourself. If you've got issues with old shingles that have lost a lot of mass, this is going to be a fix that requires a residential roofing contractor. Some roofing leaks aren't actually due to the roof at all; they may be caused by a plumbing leak, in which case you'd need to call out a plumber instead. Your roofing contractor can do a preliminary inspection of your roof to find the leakage cause if you're unable to locate it with a simple visual inspection. 

Check with Your Insurance Company

Finally, check with your insurance company about potential reimbursements for damage. You might be able to get coverage for the roofing repair as long as your roof has been maintained and replaced on a regular basis. And if you act quickly, you can also sometimes get compensated for items that were destroyed by the roof leak before you had the chance to get it fixed. 

For more information and assistance, contact a roofing contractor in your area, such as those at Wayne Siding & Home Improvements.