Construction contractors rarely install air conditioning units because HVAC contractors do that. However, if you are a construction contractor and you find that you have to get the A/C units in, you will need to get them to the work site first. Depending on the size and type of A/C unit, you might be wondering how you are going to do that. Here are the ways in which you might complete this task, and the pros and cons of each as well.

Have Them Delivered

So the A/C units can be delivered. That is a convenient plus. If they are the industrial size units, the ones that are the same size as a small backyard shed, then delivery is practically a must. Additionally, the units can be delivered to the exact location on the work site property, per your delivery instructions. Then your crew does not have to move them very far into their installation position.

The downside to having the units delivered is that you cannot manipulate the date and time which the units will be delivered. The company that sells the units to you, and the shipping company that they use, will send and ship the units on their own time. You may not yet be ready to install the units, but you will have to find a place for the units to rest until your crew is ready to install them or until it is time for your HVAC subcontractor to install them.

Pick up and Transport the Units Yourself

As a contractor you have access to heavy duty trucks of all kinds. Regardless of the size of the A/C units your current construction projects require, your trucks could handle the loads. If you choose to pick up and transport the units yourself, you can dictate when you want to pick them up and from where you will pick them up. This way, you can also deposit the A/C units on the work site on the exact day that you know your crew or the HVAC subcontractor will be installing them.

The drawbacks to picking up the A/C units with your own trucks are that you have to pull crew members from the  work site to go pick up the units, and then those trucks are also unavailable during that time. If you have more than one truck that can do the job and take the place of the missing truck, or you just do not need that truck that day, that works to your advantage. For more information, contact a business such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.