Whether you have just had the exterior of your home or garage clad with brick or have been working on another project, those extra bricks you have leftover deserve to be kept on hand. From inside design ideas to exterior projects, there are always good uses for the average brick, and some of them are completely creative. If you have a little DIY in your blood and a little basic knowledge of masonry work, you can create some pretty fantastic things for your exterior living space. Check out these cool ideas you can use in your exterior living space to make use of those extra bricks you have hanging around. 

Create a recessed fire pit for your sitting area. 

Fire pits are an attractive place to hang around on chilly summer evenings and are definitely an ideal feature if you consistently entertain outdoors. The thing is, these things are so easy to create if you have some bricks on hand. Dig out a hole in the ground about a foot deep and line the sides and base with bricks. You can use mortar to hold the bricks in place or go with a hefty layer of sand to fill in any cracks and crevices once the bricks are laid in place. When complete, you have a recessed fire pit perfect for outdoor gatherings. 

Build a stationary bench in your flower garden. 

Build a basic rectangular platform with your bricks, using mortar to hold them in place as you do. When the base is complete, you should have a rectangular structure about as long as an average bench and big enough to seat two people. To finish off the bench, invest in a few concrete stepping stones in a squared shape and attach them to the tops of the platform with more mortar mix.  

Build a low-rise wall around your patio. 

If your patio is the basic concrete slab, it has little marking it from the rest of your landscape, but you can change that with a low-rise wall built out of bricks. Simply create rows of bricks like around the perimetre of the patio by laying them in the usual brick wall fashion. Of course, you will need to attach each brick with mortar to hold it in place, but just a few rows of bricks is all it takes to create a dividing structure between the edge of the patio and your yard.