Little children get into so much mischief. It is the primary reason why parents have to "baby-proof" their homes. Rather than spend all that money on safety devices that do not always work, you might want to consider the following options instead.

Custom Cabinets

When you think "custom cabinets," you are probably thinking more along the lines of hand-carved oak or mahogany with inlaid diamond pane or etched glass. (You know, the fancy cabinetry.) However, custom cabinetry can be so much more than just fancy or expensive-looking. It can be tailored cabinetry that fits the unique needs of the homeowner.

In your case, you want cabinets that your children cannot open or get into and that does not have to have all kinds of baby-proof gadgets attached to them. (Most of those gadgets only work for a short time anyway; kids figure out how to bypass them and then you are back to square one.)

Your cabinet maker/contractor can create cabinets with hidden locks and access points that prevent your children from opening the cabinets. The cabinet maker will then show you how to open these special cabinets so that you can get into them. Really high-tech options are only available from high-end custom cabinet makers, but that is still something you can discuss with the cabinet maker. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.

Hidden Outlets

Electrical outlets hidden from view with decorative paneling has been a very popular option in new home construction. Also, outlets placed high on the walls rather than down low is an option as well. Since you can already place outlets for refrigerators, stoves, and countertop kitchen appliances up higher, all you would have to do is request that the outlets throughout the entire house be installed the same way. Otherwise, the hidden outlets are a very nice feature because they put the outlets out of reach of your children without putting them high on the walls.

Self-Closing Toilet Lids

Small children have been known to fall into toilets head first, but the bigger concern with toilets are the bacteria and germs. If you are building a new house, consider putting high-tech toilets in instead. These toilets have a number of jaw-dropping features, the best of which is the self-closing toilet lid that cannot be opened without pushing a button first. By the time a toddler figures out how to open the toilet lid, you have already discovered where he/she has toddled off to and can stop something from happening.