Relaxing in front of a crackling fire is one of the best ways to enjoy a cold winter evening. This activity was ingrained in society since evolution. It was common to gather around a fire during the prehistoric times. There is also the belief that watching a fire lowers your blood pressure.

The enjoyment of sitting around a fire is one of the reason why some people still buy houses with fireplaces. Read on to find out why you need to inspect your chimney before winter.

Risk Of Fire

Every fire that you light causes creosote to accumulate in your flue. Creosote is a flammable tar substance that occurs from unseasoned firewood or from burning preservative-treated wood. It is often a brown or black color.

The flue is the inside of your chimney. The accumulation of creosote can ignite and cause a fire. You need to call in a chimney sweep to clean out this substance.

Chimney cleaning services are more complex than just cleaning. This service provides you with information on how well your chimney has been functioning. You also receive tips on how to improve the performance of your fireplace. This cleaning improves your air quality as well.

To Meet Insurance Requirements

Some people are not aware that homeowner's policies require you to clean your chimney every year. If a fire occurs, then your insurance may want proof of cleanings from a professional. However, the insurance company may not cover the damage if you cannot provide proof. When you get a cleaning, ask the company for documentation that you can show to your insurance company.

Check For Hidden Damage

Homeowners need to take advantage of getting their chimney service on a regular basis. A professional cleaner inspects your fireplace, brick seams, flue and the damper system. He or she also checks for cracks in your chimney and any other safety hazards.

If you catch splits in the mortar and seams early, then this repair is easy to fix. A professional cleaner also inspects hard to see area to check for damage. He or she can notice issues that goes undetected by someone without chimney experience.

Watching the flames dance around gives you a relaxing feeling. It is also an invitation to invite someone to sit down and chat. If you want to continue to enjoy these activities, then you need to keep your chimney in good condition. It is important to make sure your household is comfortable and safe. You need to call out a chimney professional today to make sure everything is working properly. For more information, contact companies like A & A Chimney Sweep.