Installing a new entry door for your home is a great way to improve the aesthetic appearance. On top of this, replacing an older, beat up entry door with a new one makes the home seem more inviting, as well. If you are concerned about the cost of doing this, though, here are four factors you need to look into that will determine the ultimate cost of the door:

  1. The Amount of Aesthetic Appeal: The amount of added features you want will up the price of your door simply because it will take more customization to do so. This includes added features, such as glass, hardware, patterns, and more. The best thing to do if you are looking to save money is to keep it limited. The benefit of this is that simplistic and minimalist home decor is in, so keeping it simple shouldn't be a problem and will not take away of the aesthetic appeal of your home. 
  2. The Size: The size of your entry door is also going to determine cost. Having a standard sized door is best since keeps costs low, but you might not be able to do this unless construction is involved in make your entryway smaller. The most expensive is going to be the double entry doors, though. Since this can be difficult to change, you just want to keep in mind that if you have a larger entryway, it's probably going to cost more.
  3. The Material: The material of the entry door is going to make a huge difference. One of the best options as far as material goes is steel since it's not only cheap initially for installation, but also long term since maintenance costs are low and durability is high. Wood and fiberglass tend to be on the more costly side, but you can keep it lower by choosing styles that aren't as expensive. Wood and fiberglass have a wide range of stylized looks you can go for, so it's worth it to ask which style would be the most affordable if you are looking to save money. 
  4. The Installation: Of course, professional installation of the entry door is going to cost the most, but it's definitely going to be worth it to ensure that the installation lasts and is secure keeping your home safer. Keep in mind that these costs will go up depending on how extensive the process is going to be. If you have a larger door, for example, then the cost will go up. 

With these four factors in mind, you can have a better understanding of the cost of the installation of a new entry door and manipulate where you can to keep it more affordable. Contact a company, like Southland Exteriors LLC, for more help.