If moisture is a problem in your basement, you don't have to continue to live with it. Even if you're limited on what you can spend to solve the problem, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of moisture seeping into the basement area of your home. Here, you'll learn a couple steps to take to buy a little time as you work to save the cash for permanent waterproofing services.

Clean Your Gutters

So many people don't realize just how important clean gutters are. The gutters do become clogged and the water that they are designed to carry will spill out and land at the exterior foundation walls. When this happens, the ground absorbs the moisture and then it seeps into the foundation, eventually finding its way into your basement.

Get a ladder and clean the gutters well. Once they are clean, wait for a good rain and watch to make sure that the water is not overflowing the sides of the gutters. If it is, you will have to get someone to inspect and adjust the gutters to prevent the issue from occurring.

Note: This is not a repair to attempt during windy, cold, or wet weather. Wait until you have a safe, dry day to get out there and get the job done. If you're not comfortable doing it, contact your local professionals for assistance. This is a job that shouldn't be ignored.

Check the Downspouts

Do you know where the downspouts carry the water to? At the base of the downspouts, you should have pipes that carry the water away from your home. If the pipes don't run far enough away, the water could be making its way into your basement.

You can extend the length of the downspout drains by purchasing some extensions from your local home improvement store. You will then need to dig up the end of the existing pipe as well as several feet beyond it away from your home. Attach the new pieces to the old and cover it with soil. Make sure that the end of the drain pipe is exposed so that the water can freely run away from your home.

Talk with your local basement waterproofing professionals to learn more about what it will take to get the water to stop seeping into your home so that you have a clean, dry, healthy environment even in the basement.