On average, garage doors can last somewhere between 15 and 30 years, depending on how well it is cared for. While this is a long time, it is important that routine maintenance is performed on the garage door so that it lasts as long as possible and to maintain the door's overall reliability. The best time of year to perform maintenance is the summer. In fact, some maintenance tasks are easier to perform during the summer months than any other time of year.

1. Perform a Hardware Tune-up

Your garage door is used a lot, which means that the hardware suffers a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. So, each summer, make sure to inspect the door thoroughly.

Look closely at all moving parts, such as the hinges, bolts, etc. Any moving parts that are loose should be tightened, and any moving parts that are worn should be replaced.

All moving parts should also be lubricated with a garage door lubricant. A white lithium grease or silicone spray can be used, as these won't gum up or attract dust.

2. Wash the Door and Remove Any Rust

By far, the best time of the year to wash your garage door is the summertime. In doing so, your garage door will look great, and it will help ensure that your door is working smoothly by preventing the buildup of dirt, debris, grease, and grime. All you need to use water and a mild detergent. If your garage door has significant buildup, consider using a pressure washer.

If you have a steel garage door and notice signs of rust, you will want to sand away the rust. Rust can lead to the loss of durability and stability of the door.

3. Provide the Door with a Facelift

Once the door has been washed and any rust has been dealt with, the door can be freshened up with a new coat of paint. You can choose to go with the same color, or you can opt for a fresh look. Just keep in mind that garage doors should blend in with the home.

Finally, you will want to test the garage door to make certain it is functioning properly. This is a summer maintenance task as well as something that should be performed on a regular basis. Keep an eye out and ear open for strange movements, weird noises, and missing hardware. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact a garage door repair professional such as  Callahan Door and Window immediately.