Heating oil is commonly used as a way of powering furnaces and other heating systems. In order to ignite the oil, a burner will need to expose it to a flame. Not surprisingly, the burner is an essential part of the heating system, and it will need to be actively maintained to keep the furnace functioning.

Why Does An Oil Burner Need To Be Regularly Cleaned?

Cleaning the oil burner on a fairly regular basis is one of the most basic but important things that you can do for your heating system. Failing to keep the burner clean can severely depress its performance. This occurs due to the residue, dirt, and other substances that may be on the burner that can interrupt the flow of fuel to the burner. Performance problems are not the only issue that can follow failing to keep the burner clean as this can also pose a safety risk. This is due to the enhanced risk of fire that can come with a poorly maintained burner.

Can You Reduce The Frequency Of Needing To Have The Burner Cleaned?

Cleaning the burner can be a fairly disruptive task as the furnace will need to be turned off for several hours for this work to be completed. Individuals will usually want to minimize the frequency with which they will need to have this work done, but they may be unsure what steps will help them to achieve this. A particularly effective way of reducing the amount of residue that accumulates on the burner will be to regularly change the system's fuel filters. This will remove many of the impurities that could contribute to the formation of this residue. Also, having the system serviced every year or two can minimize this by keeping the burner working as efficiently as possible.

Is Cleaning An Oil Burner Difficult?

The process of thoroughly cleaning a burner can be far more difficult than is often anticipated. Homeowners may assume that wiping any visible residue off of the burner will be sufficient. However, this is unlikely to be the case as there is likely to be more residue on the interior of the burner. To remove this residue, the burner may need to be at least partially disassembled so that its interior can be cleaned. In order to avoid damaging the burner during this process or failing to adequately clean it, hiring a professional oil burner service can be the safest and easiest option for having this type of work done.