If you want to make changes to your kitchen one way to do this is by installing a new countertop. This can make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks. One type of countertop you should consider is natural stone. This is not only beautiful but there are many different types of natural stones available for you to choose from. Below are two of these types so you can then get started making these changes.

Granite Natural Stone

Granite is a natural stone that is durable, and it is available in a variety of designs and colors. Granite also works well in other areas of your home, such as for walls, floors, and fireplaces. Because granite is found in different areas around the world no two slabs are the same. This means you will have a unique countertop.

Some shades you will find with granite include shades of blue, green, brown, and green. You can even find white and black granite. Along with the color, granite has many different types of patterns in the stone.

Granite would work well for you if you cook a lot and constantly have hot pots that you remove from your stove. This is because you can place the pots directly on the countertop without causing any damage. If you spill something on the countertop you do not have to worry about it sinking in as granite is non-porous. This also means the countertop is more sanitary as spills can easily be wiped off. You can cut on granite and it will not cause damage to the countertop itself, but it will dull your knives.

Marble Natural Stone

Marble is also a durable countertop and can withstand the heat from hot pots sitting on the countertop. If you like to cut vegetables, you can do it directly on the countertop because it is resistant to scratching. If somethings heavy and hard hits the countertop you will not have to worry about it breaking.

You may like marble better than granite because it is a softer stone. This means marble is easier for manufacturers to work with. They can something like fancy, unique edges to the countertop. This is done when the countertop is being made and going through the fabrication process.

Marble would work great if you like your kitchen to look elegant. This is because marble is crystallized, which gives it a high polish. You will find the marble has a variety of sweeping lines making it look even more beautiful.

Marble is also available in a lot of colors including shades of brown, red, green, and tan. Also available in white crystal and black.

Once you finish installing your new countertop you can focus on other changes to make in your kitchen, such as installing new flooring, painting the cabinets, or adding a backdrop. Visit a site like http://empiremarblegranite.com for more help.