Slab leaks can destroy your home. Unfortunately, they're not always easy to detect. Many people look for puddles or wet spots on the concrete when they suspect a slab leak. However, some leaks can't be identified that way, especially if they're hidden under the carpeting. If you suspect that you have a slab leak, start looking for more obscure signs. Here are four strategies you can use for identifying a slab leak. If you recognize any of these signs, you should contact a plumbing contractor right away.

You've Noticed Increased Moisture in Your Home

If you live in a naturally humid area of the country, you may not think too much about additional moisture buildup in your home. However, if humidity isn't common in your area, excess moisture in your home could indicate a slab leak. The water that is coming from the leak could be mixing with the warm air inside your home, leading to the increased moisture buildup. If you've noticed an unusual increase in the amount of moisture you have in your home, you may have a leak under the foundation.

Your Doors No Longer Close Properly

If your doors are no longer closing properly in your home, a hidden underground leak may be the culprit. Most people think of foundation damage when their doors won't close properly. However, moisture buildup from a slab leak can cause your door frames to warp. Once the frames are warped, your doors will no longer close properly. It's important to note that this problem can affect your windows as well.

Your Water Heater Won't Shut Off

If you've noticed that your water heater won't shut off, you may have a leak in one of your underground hot water pipes. Water heaters cycle on to ensure that the water inside the tank remains hot. Unfortunately, if there's a leak in a hot water pipe, your hot water heater will continuously run to keep up with the demand. If your water heater won't shut off, have it inspected. If your plumber can't find anything wrong with the tank, you'll need to have your pipes inspected for leaks.

You Have a Warm Spot on the Floor

If you've located a warm spot on your floor, chances are good that you've located the source of an underground hot water leak. The hot water leaking from the pipe will come up through the ground, warming the area around the leak.

Don't wait until you have a flood on your hands. If you've noticed any of the issues described above, contact a contractor near you that provides leak detection so that they can repair the damage.