If your lawn is not looking healthy, this could be due to many things. One of these things is lawn pests. If you do have this, you will notice dead areas of lawn, or the grass may look brown. You may also have bare areas. Below is information about two different types of lawn pests that may be causing problems with your lawn so you can get the problem taken care of.

Beetle Larvae

Beetle larvae, also known as grubs, are the most dangerous out of all pests that can attack a lawn. The larvae are white. The larvae can come from different types of beetles, including Japanese beetles, masked chafer beetles, and more. You will most often see beetle larvae during the spring month through the early fall. The grubs are difficult to see as they stay just below the soil's surface. 

When a beetle lays eggs and the eggs hatch, the baby larvae feed on the grass roots, which is why the grass is damaged. The grubs do go dormant during the winter months, but as soon as the weather warms up, they wake up and immediately start eating grass roots and grass. Grubs will also move onto shrubs and even climb on trees and eat bark or tree leaves and cause damage to different areas of your shrubs or trees. 

You will first notice that your grass is wilting, and then there will be brown patches in different areas of your lawn. If you do have grubs, you may see rodents like moles or birds like crows on your lawn as they enjoy eating grubs. 


Cutworms are approximately two to three inches long and are either brown or gray. Some cutworms will have stripes on their backs depending on the species. When the cutworm grows up it becomes a moth with gray wings. 

The moths lay their eggs on the blades of grass. When these eggs hatch, tiny worms will appear. These worms will feed on the grass at night, and you will not see the worms during the day. The worms will feed for a few weeks and then turn into moths. This cycle of eggs and moths will repeat throughout the year. 

Cutworms will completely damage the blades of grass they are eating. They are very difficult to see, especially because they only come out at night. If you do have cutworms, you will notice dead grass in different areas of your yard. The dead grass may look yellow or brown, and if not taken care of, the area will look completely bare. 

If you see pests on your lawn, as well as on your shrubs and trees, contact a tree and lawn care company. They can get rid of the lawn and tree and shrub pests for you so you can heave a healthy lawn again.