A broken window in winter is as unwelcome as a family of raccoons in your trash cans. It is one of the last things you want to deal with when it is cold and dark out most of the days. However, when you find a crack in a window or the window glass is barely holding together in the frame, you need to find a window replacement and repair company right away. Here are three reasons why a broken window in winter is cause for immediate attention and replacement. 

Higher Heating Bills

Broken window glass is how your heat escapes your home. Drafts are bad enough, but a broken window is worse. If you want to avoid higher heating bills next month, replace the window now. Then you will only have a surge in heating costs for those days right after the window was broken and right before the window was repaired. 

Freeze and Fracture Principal

When heat leaves a hot air space to escape to cold air space, condensation can form. Condensation in the cracks of broken window glass is susceptible to refreezing, and when that condensation freezes in the cracks of the glass, it pushes the cracks open wider. The additional pressure of the frozen condensation in the cracks can fracture the window glass even more, and eventually cause the shards of glass to tumble from the frame. It quickly becomes a dangerous mess and one that you will need to carefully and rapidly clear away so that pets and children are not harmed by the shards. Avoid all of that by replacing the window before condensation even has a chance to begin forming and freezing in the cracks of the broken glass. 

Cold Animals Seeking Warmth

If you have a big hole in the window, it has a constant rush of warm air escaping. That warm air is an open invitation to every living thing that is outside and freezing. Birds will be the first to try to fly into the home through the hole in the glass, followed by rodents (mice, voles, and squirrels, mostly). Larger animals are not likely to try, but they may chase a smaller animal for food and hit the hole in the glass in the attempt to catch dinner. Since you do not want or need additional animals or pests in your home during these colder months, don't hesitate to fix the glass.