You rely on your well to produce clean water for your home. In order to remain productive, your well needs to be maintained regularly. An annual water system check is an important part of a comprehensive maintenance program.

Being proactive in scheduling an annual checkup for your well can help you save money and avoid the inconvenience of being without reliable water in the future.

1. Water Quality Test

Private wells are not monitored by any government agency. Without government oversight, the responsibility of maintaining a safe water supply falls squarely on your shoulders as a property owner.

A water quality test is always part of an annual water system check. The water quality test checks your well water for contaminants like microbiologicals, heavy metals, organic chemicals, radionuclides, fluoride, and nitrates.

Detecting these contaminants during an annual well check allows you to take immediate action to address the problem before it affects the safety of your water supply.

2. Pump Maintenance

The pump is one of the most important components in your well water delivery system. Without a functional pump, it would be impossible to bring water up out of the ground and into your home.

Many residential wells are equipped with submersible pumps that must be raised out of the well for inspection. Since this process can be daunting, pump maintenance can get overlooked. Having your pump inspected and serviced during your annual water system check will help you prevent a costly breakdown in the future.

3. Filter Cleaning

The water that comes from a private well usually travels through a filtration system before being delivered to your home. An annual water system check will include a thorough inspection and cleaning of your well's filtration system.

A new filter can be installed if your system uses a disposable filter, or the existing reusable filter can be cleaned to restore maximum efficiency. Without regular filter cleaning, the quality of your water could be compromised and you may find that your filtration system malfunctions more frequently.

Maintenance is the key to longevity when it comes to your private residential well. The easiest way to ensure that your water delivery system is getting the attention it needs is to invest in annual water system checks.

An annual check can offer a comprehensive overview of the health of your well and give you the opportunity to invest in minor repairs before any lasting damage is done.

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