Are you in the process of designing a custom-built ranch style home? Maybe you are at the stage where your builder needs to know the kind of roof you want. Or, it could be that you are selecting a new roof for the ranch-style home you've lived in for many years. Is it just plain worn out, or was it damaged when severe weather hit you part of the country?

Read on for some ideas that might help you select a new roof for your ranch-style home. 

A Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are popular and very durable. If you select this type of roof, you'll discover that shingle roofs are easy to repair. The bonus is that choosing a shingle roof will be kind to your bank account. You'll have lots of color choices, so decide on going with a color that complements the outside material of your house. For instance, if your house is made of light tan brick, then dark brown would be perfect for the shingle color.

Another idea is to choose shingles that will complement the window shutters and the front door. You could also consider blue-gray shingles to go with the front door and window shutters that are also painted a blue-gray color.

A Metal Roof

A metal roof would be a good choice for a ranch-style home. Though you'll probably pay more for a metal roof than a shingle roof, the metal one will probably last longer. You might be surprised to find that metal roofs come in many different colors. If you want something unique, choose a dark hue of blue or green for the metal roof.

Do you want to stick to traditional gray for the color of the roof? That color will go with any color of your home's outer walls. If you want something different, but not quite so dramatic, go with a lighter hue of blue, green, or another color you especially like.

A Tile Roof 

There is just something gorgeous about tile roofs on ranch-style homes. If you do go with a tile roof, you'll probably find that it is your most expensive choice. On the positive side, the tile roof will last for a very long time. 

Terra costa red is a good choice if you are wanting to stick with tradition. Or, go with a different color of tile for a more unique look. However, before you make your final choice of tile, make sure that your house will withstand the weight. 

Maybe you are still undecided about what kind of roof to select. If that's the case, an agent from a residential roofing company can give you suggestions and answer any questions or concerns you might have.