Do you know that the time will come when your elderly parents will be leaving their own home in order to live with you? Or, it might be that you want a second small residence to rent out, or to have ready, just in case your adult children ever need to come home to live, even for a short time.

No matter the reason that you are wanting a two-family duplex, perhaps you have your heart set on a specific floor plan that is different from most duplexes. If that's true, you might be wise to hire a custom home architectural designer. 

One Major Thing That Will Make Your Duplex Different From Many Others - 

If you have ever lived in a duplex before, you might have been bothered by the fact that noise from the other residence permeated the walls. With that in mind, consider having the two residences on your property be joined by a breezeway. Plan on enclosing the breezeway so that it won't be unpleasant to use during harsh weather. 

A Second Major Difference In The Plan For Your Duplex - 

As you have driven by other duplexes or lived in one yourself, you probably noted that both sides of most duplexes were exactly the same. Consider making each side of the duplex different in order to meet your needs. For example, the side you choose for yourself and your spouse could be bigger. Your part of the duplex might have a separate dining room and living room. Maybe your side of the duplex will have only one bedroom, but you might add a sleeping loft for times when somebody is visiting you. The second, smaller part of the duplex might have just one room that will act as a living room and dining room. However, instead of having just one bedroom, the second side of the duplex might have a second bedroom that can be used as a guest bedroom or as an office. The side of the duplex you'll live in might have a large, state-of-the-art kitchen. On the other hand, the second side might have a smaller kitchen.

Of course, you want both sides of the duplex to be very attractive. While there will be differences in the two sides of the duplex, there will also be things in common. With that in mind, think of selecting things like vaulted ceilings, beautiful flooring, intricate woodwork and other details that will add beauty to the design of both homes. 

When you look for an architect, find one that specializes in custom homes. He or she will know how to advise you on the things you want to include in your design.

To learn more, contact a custom home architect.