The chimney of your fireplace can be the cause of a lot of problems that cause damage and hazards in your home. These problems can surface during spring and summer storms when leaks around the chimney cause water damage issues. During the winter months, these problems can also cause smoke and fire hazards in addition to water damage issues. The following chimney problems are some of the issues that you will want to have repaired to ensure your home is safe.

Leaks That Often Develop Around The Chimney Stack and Roof That Cause A Lot Of Problems

The leaks around your fireplace chimney stack often start where it is attached to the roof. Sometimes, these problems go unnoticed and can cause serious water damage. When the water damage affects the flue pipe or fireplace, it can lead to smoke and fire hazards. Therefore, you want to routinely inspect your chimney for leaks and have them repaired to prevent these problems and hazards.

Chimney Caps That Have Been Damaged and Cause Problems With Water and Smoke or Fire Hazards

Chimney caps are the metalwork or masonry that is installed on the top of chimney stacks. If you have a problem with the chimney cap, this can allow rain or snow to get in the fireplace and cause water damage. Problems with the chimney cap can also cause serious smoke and fire hazards if the chimney is not drafting or if pests get in and start building nests. Therefore, you will want to have the chimney cap repaired if it is damaged and there are problems.

Issues With Modern Chimney Flue Pipe Materials That Have Come Loose and Cause Fire and Smoke Hazards

There are many issues with modern chimney flue materials that can cause serious problems. This is because these materials are usually double-wall metal pipes that can come loose due to wear or if they were not installed correctly. These problems can cause fire and smoke hazards and need to be repaired before you use your fireplace again.

Dirty and Corroded Chimney Flue Pipe Problems That Can Cause Serious Fire Hazards In Winter

One of the most important maintenance tasks that need to be done to your chimney is to have a chimney sweep clean it. When this maintenance is not done, the soot can catch fire and cause damage. If this does not cause a fire in your home, it will gradually wear the pipe and cause corrosion that can eventually cause serious fire hazards. Therefore, if your flue pipe is dirty and corroded, it is usually best to have a chimney repair service replace the pipes and do any of the other repairs that are needed.

These are some of the chimney damage problems that you will want to have repaired to ensure that you do not have water damage issues and your home is safe in winter. If you need help with chimney repair, companies, like Allstate Chimney Service, know how to protect your home from these problems. Contact a chimney repair service to fix these problems before they cause serious damage and many hazards.