Getting new carpeting installed at home can be a big decision when you're eager to improve the way that your home looks and are unsure of what can be best when you have children. Selecting carpeting with only the appearance or cost per square footage can lead to disappointment in one way or another, making it best to look for carpet with the following tips so you can narrow down the options.

1. Consider the Best Type of Pile

As you look for the new carpeting to have installed, it's best to consider the pile of the carpet since this can greatly affect both the appearance and ease of cleaning. Instead of being frustrated that the pile of the carpeting can get in the way of taking care of the carpet, it's best to see how each can have their pros and cons.

A plush pile can look beautiful and be very comfortable to step on, but it can show footprints and be difficult to clean when you have children that can be messy. With low-pile carpet, cleaning can be a lot easier, but it won't give you the luxurious look you want at home.

2. Keep Cleaning of the Materials in Mind 

When you're picking out carpeting with your children in mind, it's so important to pay close attention to the kind of cleaning you can expect. Some carpet will be tough to clean due to the materials and whether they're stain-resistant or not. Synthetic carpeting can be more expensive than wool carpet, but will typically have some protection against stains, making it a better long-term option for a home where messes can frequently occur.

3. Prioritize Eco-Friendly Carpeting

Regardless of the age of your children, you may be looking for carpeting that will be as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of struggling to pick out carpeting with your children in mind, you need to consider issues such as volatile organic compounds that can be harmful if inhaled or if allergens will be common with the pile of the carpet. Making sure to spend a bit more time and money on eco-friendly carpeting can help you choose something that will work best for your home. 

With all the choices for carpeting you can pick from, it makes sense to look for carpeting that will have the style and quality that's important to you. When your goal is to have carpeting installed in a home with children, the above tips can help. Contact companies like Floorco Flooring to learn more.