Adding a sprinkler system to your yard is an option that will make it possible to drastically reduce the overall amount of work that you must do to keep your landscaping looking healthy and pristine even when there is below average rainfall for your area. Here are some things you'll need to do when you install a new sprinkler system.

Ensure the New Sprinkler System Design Provides the Coverage That You Will Need

To be effective, a sprinkler system will need to be able to reach all of the areas of the yard. This will ensure that the sprinkler system is able to water all of the plants that you are wanting to keep alive and healthy. Unfortunately, individuals will often give this part of the process surprisingly little consideration, which can lead to there being sections of the property that may not be adequately serviced by the sprinkler system.

While opting for sprinkler systems that have stronger jets of water can increase the range of these systems, there will still need to be a heavy emphasis on the placement of the sprinklers. Otherwise, the stronger jet of water may actually pass right over the plants that you are wanting to water.

Have the Sprinkler System Trenching Professionally Done

Homeowners will often want to install the sprinkler systems on their own as a way to save money. While a sprinkler system is not especially difficult to install once the trenching is prepared, it can be fairly difficult to effectively create trenches that will accommodate the sprinkler systems. In addition to using highly specialized equipment, an individual must also be familiar with the techniques to use in order to avoid destabilizing the surrounding soil enough to make it difficult for plants to grow or harming the root systems of adjacent plants. A professional sprinkler system trenching service will be able to dig these trenches for you so that you can avoid this labor as well as reduce the risks of harming nearby plants or causing other complications.

Encourage Grass to Grow Where the Sprinkler Trenches Were Placed

After the sprinkler system has been placed in the trench, you will want to be sure that you encourage grass to grow over the bald spot that is left on the ground by this work. The roots of the grass will be able to hold the soil in place so that erosion will be a much smaller concern. Luckily, there are fast-growing grasses that may be able to fill in these spots in a matter of weeks so that the look of your yard and its soil stability are restored.

For more information on sprinkler system installation, contact a local trenching company.