Offices are where it all happens, from brainstorming with your employees to meeting with vendors. However, if your office is a little lackluster, it could send the impression that your company is less successful than it could be, which could break deals and make investors think twice. Renovating is a great move, if you do it the smart way and watch your bottom line. Here are three tips for controlling costs during office building renovation projects. 

1. Consider Overall Visual Impact

What do you want your customers and business partners to see when they first enter your building? Whether you want to highlight your most popular products or draw people into a serene space, it is important to add the right visual display elements. 

While many business owners dream of completely gutting, reimagining, and remodeling their entire space, it isn't always feasible. If you have a conservative budget, think about the visual changes that would make the most impact, and start there. From funky light fixtures and uplighting to wall murals that tell your story, adding the right details can be powerful—and less expensive than you think. 

2. Transfer Workers Home During Renovations

Sometimes when business owners plan renovations, they figure they will do a little here and there until the project is done. Unfortunately, taking a little-by-little approach can actually cost more money and take more time in the long run, which is why you should think about just asking your workers to work from home for the time being. 

Sit down with your contractors, talk about a project timeline, and budget a few extra weeks beyond the projected project deadline for people to work from home. That way, contractors can work without interruption, and your employees can too—from the comfort of home. 

3. Reuse Furniture

Another great way to pinch your pennies during an office remodel is to reuse any furniture you can. Whether you decide to continue using that old breakroom table or the desks in your executive offices work just fine, you can save a great deal of money by being willing to reuse things. As an added bonus, you can keep items from going to landfills, which is a more eco-friendly option. 

If you aren't completely sure how to handle your next office remodel, take the time to look up design ideas online. Look for direction on blogs, recent photos of big projects other developers have worked on, and the interiors of high-end businesses across the world. By doing everything you can to get a vision for how you want your company headquarters to look, you can make a big difference. 

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