A shower niche can be both a functional place for you to place your bathroom grooming products, and it can be an aesthetically pleasing fixture in your bathroom as well. When it comes to designing a shower niche, there are lots of different ways you can create this space when you are designing your shower space.

#1: Accent Niche

You can add an accent niche to your shower. With an accent niche, the niche will be recessed into your shower. However, instead of using the same tile as your shower, the back of the niche will use a different color or style of tile.

This will help accent the niche. Ideally, the color or pattern you use in this space should match and tie in with other elements in your bathroom and help bring together the overall design of your space. You can add multiple accent niches.

#2: Hidden Niche

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can add a hidden niche or an obscure niche that is placed somewhere in your shower where it will not stand out. For example, if your shower has a halfway, you could place the niche on the side of the hallway that faces into your shower space.

The niche would not be observable from outside the shower and would be located down low, as opposed to up high like most niches. If you don't want your shampoos and soaps to be the first thing a person notices when looking at your shower, this could be a good option for you.

#3: Really Tall Niche

Shower niches are often built to be tall enough to accommodate a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. However, you can build a shower niche that is much taller than that. The purchase of a tall shower niche is not to find the biggest bottle of shampoo ever, but instead to enjoy the visual break of a space that is only partially filled with stuff and has blank space as well. This is both a functional and visually pleasing design.

#4: Parallel Shower Niche

You can add two shower niches that run parallel to one another. One of the niches can be shorter, and more designed for things like bar soap or smaller containers of soap. The other niche will be taller, and able to accommodate things such as shampoo and conditioner. With a parallel shower niche, you will have space for all your items based on their height. 

#5: One Long Niche

Finally, you could have one long niche in your shower area. The niche will be tall enough to accommodate a shampoo bottle, and the length will exceed along past the shower or bath area.

When it comes to designing a shower niche, there are lots of different ways that you can design a custom shower niche. The key is to go with a design that is visually appealing for your bathroom, and functional for your shower needs.