Whether you're trying to build a starter home for your bustling new family or your dream home that will take you into your retirement years, choosing the right type of home builder can be a stressful choice. After all, there's a lot to consider, and when you take the various factors, such as cost, location, and amenities, it can make a big difference in which builder you decide on.

So what's the difference between a production home and a custom home builder? Quite a bit, actually.


The whole business model of production line homes center around volume: the more homes they can create in a short amount of time, the better. This usually means selecting a specific plot of land that is then subdivided into various lots and offering buyers their choice from a pre-selected set of floor plans. There is some customization options within those plans normally, but not as many as if you decide to go fully custom.

Custom home builders, on the other hand, thrive on customization—it's even in the name! They help you create the home that you've envisioned in your dreams, no matter how unique. They work much closer with the homeowner on the design, down to the cabinets and flooring choices. They can even help you design multi-purpose rooms that can be fitted to meet a specific purpose.


Production homes usually have a very well-defined neighborhood, bought and developed to fit as many homes in that space as possible. Though you have your choice of lots inside that neighborhood, likely ranging anywhere from 0.2 acres to 2 acres, if you want to build outside of that area and still use that builder, you'll have a much harder time doing so.

When you hire custom home builders, you're responsible for picking your ideal location. This may still be within a predefined neighborhood, but it could also be on a 100-acre beet farm out in the middle of the country somewhere. You decide the location, and the custom home builder will come to you.


Have you always dreamed about having a wide porch with a massive fire pit? Maybe a theater room with full surround sound? Unless you go with an upscale production home builder, you'll only be able to find that with a custom home builder. They have the contacts, the experience, and the resources that are necessary to provide you with what you want—the sky's the limit. Custom home builders specialize in turning your dreams into reality.

If you're thinking of building a house, consider talking to custom home builders in your area.