The concrete work for your property renovations should be one of the first things you plan. The planning may include renovations to exterior outdoor spaces, additions, and repairs to the foundation. The following concrete work planning will help you get ready to do major renovations to your property:

Landscaping and hardscaping concrete work—The landscaping of your property may be where you want to begin with the improvements to your property. Concrete work can be a great solution for hardscaping when making these improvements. Some of the concrete hardscaping that you may want to plan to have done includes:

  • Using concrete retaining walls for erosion control and elevations
  • Concrete with attractive finishes for patios and outdoor gathering spaces
  • Using concrete for driveways, paths and other hardscaping surfaces

This is concrete work that can be done for the hardscaping when doing major renovations to your property.

Repairing foundations and existing concrete work—The existing foundation of your home is an area that may need to have repairs done. Therefore, you are going to want to discuss options for repairs with the contractor that is doing the concrete work. Ask them about repairing the damage and about improvements that will help reduce problems with your foundation in the future.

Preparing for additions and installing footings for new foundations—If part of your plans for renovations includes additions to your home or other structures, new footings for foundations will need to be installed. The new footing beams should tie into the existing structure and have the right design to support the weight of a new addition. The footing beams may also need to have pads for piers that support load bearing points of the structure above.

Concrete work for the new foundation and aspects of new additions—There is also concrete work that may need to be done for the foundation, such as a crawl space or basement. If the addition is going to be on a concrete foundation, you may also want to ask the concrete contractor about interior concrete walls for the addition, which can be used for a safe room, storm cellar, or as another secure space with durable concrete walls. The concrete walls can be finished with a durable seal coating, acid staining, or finished with conventional wood framing and drywall like the rest of your home.

Concrete work for your renovations should be the first step when planning your project. Contact a concrete contractor for help with planning and preparing for your property renovations.