After purchasing an older building for your business, you probably had it inspected. During the inspection, they may have found out that the insulation in at least part of the structure was constructed out of asbestos fibers. While the presence of undisturbed asbestos only poses a minimal health risk, there are still a couple of reasons why you should have it removed from your business's building as soon as possible.

1.  Asbestos Disturbed During Any Renovations Will Become Airborne

One reason why you need to have the newly discovered asbestos removed from your commercial building is that it will become airborne during any renovations. Although it is minimally harmful while it is contained within the walls, the fibers will become airborne if you decide to replace the drywall, knock down a wall, or even cut into the wall.

Disturbance of the asbestos could also happen if any plumbing work or roofing repairs need to be done. Once airborne, the airborne fibers will easily be breathed in by anyone in the building.

When this happens, the asbestos will irritate the lungs and cause serious issues, including causing certain types of cancers. Since the fibers can remain in the lungs for years, an affected person may not show any symptoms or problems until years later.

2.  Asbestos Will Break Down Over Time

If you do not foresee any need for renovations or the need for repairs, you may believe that you can put off having the asbestos taken out of the building until a situation comes up that requires it. However, even if the insulation is not disturbed, it can still become airborne over time, especially if the building is very old.

Just as with any material, the asbestos will start to break down as it ages. As it breaks down, the fibers will be released into the air. Even if the walls are intact, the asbestos can make its way into the ventilation system and spread the harmful fibers throughout the building.

Even if you do not plan on performing renovations on the building, the asbestos still poses a serious health risk for you, your employees, and your customers. As soon as you know that insulation made from the material is present in the structure, contact a commercial asbestos removal contractor to have them fully inspect the building and discuss your options for getting rid of the harmful fibers as soon as possible.