If the gutters on your house were damaged in a storm, you may be comparing your options for new gutters. Aluminum seamless gutters provide the benefits of aluminum with the advantages of seamless construction so you have a durable option that should need fewer repairs. Here's why aluminum seamless gutters are worth considering.

Aluminum Doesn't Rust

One of the main benefits of aluminum is that it doesn't rust like steel. You could opt for steel gutters, but you may have to fight rust as the steel ages. Rust forms due to enough amounts of iron in metal. Aluminum has very low iron, so it doesn't rust. It might corrode, but when it does, the corrosion forms a protective layer over the gutters that shields them from damage.

Aluminum Doesn't Crack Or Decay

Aluminum also has advantages over wood and vinyl gutters. Vinyl can crack, and wood can rot away. Neither of these problems affect aluminum, so your gutters should have many years of life in them without succumbing to insects, rust, rot, or decay.

Seamless Gutters Have Fewer Areas to Leak

Some gutters are sold in sections. These sectional gutter troughs are joined together with adhesives. Over time, the adhesive wears away and leaks develop. The seams on sectional gutters are the weak spots where leaks are likely to occur. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are an improvement in the way gutters are made and installed.

With seamless gutters, the troughs are extruded to have a custom fit for your home. This eliminates the seams in the troughs, and with the seams gone, there is a lower risk of leaking. Seamless gutters still have seams in certain places, such as where the downspout joins since the downspout can't be extruded with the trough as a single piece. However, there are fewer seams, so leaking should be less of a problem, and that's important when you don't like the idea of climbing up on a ladder to fix leaky gutters.

Seamless Gutters May Not Clog as Easily

If you want to cut down on leaf accumulation in your new gutters, talk to the contractor about having screens or leaf guards put on. If you don't want guards in the troughs, then leaves will accumulate over time. In sectional gutters, the ridges created when seaming two sections together can catch debris and cause a clog to build up.

The insides of seamless gutters are smooth, so there's nothing to snag leaves and twigs. The debris flows through the troughs and out the downspout until the accumulation of leaves is so great, such as when trees shed in autumn, that the leaves have to be removed manually.

By choosing aluminum seamless gutters, your home will have excellent protection from rain, which prevents foundation damage and a damp basement. Plus, your home will have attractive gutters that last a long time and need a minimal amount of care. Contact seamless gutter installation companies to learn more.