Should you build or buy your home? While the initial outlay associated with building can be higher, it's the only surefire way to own a home built to your exact specifications. The prospect of living in a custom-built home carries a much higher level of satisfaction than living in an existing one.

That said, building a custom home can be a major undertaking, especially for those looking to build their first home. Proper planning and foresight can go a long way in avoiding challenges that may arise during custom home construction. Here are some potential pitfalls to watch out for. 

Delays in Permit Approvals

In the U.S., state and local governments have long been actively involved in setting the minimum standards to be met in the construction of buildings. Some common building codes and standards to be achieved during home construction include:

  • Electrical safety codes 
  • Plumbing codes
  • Energy efficiency codes 
  • Fire safety codes
  • Pool safety codes
  • Green building codes

Before you can commence construction on your project, you should check with your local council to find out the approvals you need. Delays in obtaining the required approvals can result in significant project delays.

Delays in Delivery of Construction Materials and Supplies

Without the right materials and supplies, home builders can't get things rolling on-site. Not selecting and ordering your materials early enough can slow down the completion of your project. It's not uncommon for suppliers of construction materials to run out of stock and fail to deliver your order on time. Give yourself enough time to research materials, prices, and suppliers so you can choose reputable suppliers that can provide the best materials at the best prices.

Major Changes in Design

While it's not uncommon to make minor changes to the design of your custom home while the project is already ongoing, making major changes in design can be an expensive and time-consuming move. Give yourself plenty of time to review the design of your home and only proceed with construction when you're sure about what you want.

Budget Overruns

While having a budget for your home construction project will help you stick to the main objectives of the project, unexpected costs can arise throughout the project. Make sure you have a contingency to cover these costs.

Although building a custom home can be an overwhelming endeavor, hiring the right home builder can make things easier for you. Contact a custom home builder near you to discuss your project and start building your dream home.