When you have chosen to have your new home built by professional contractors, you will get to know a lot about the many materials used in the process. Limestone is just one of the many types of material that can show up on a home building site, but it may show up in a number of ways. Here are a few things you may want to know. 

What is limestone exactly?

Limestone is classified as a sedimentary type of rock, is naturally occurring in the crust of the earth, and is comprised primarily of calcium carbonate. For many years, limestone has been a go-to resource in construction. The rock makes its way into a long list of different aspects of the construction process. Therefore, you will likely see some limestone used during your home building project. Even though other forms of rock may be used, limestone tends to be one of the most readily available and economical. 

What qualities of limestone make it a desirable construction material?

Limestone has a tightly bound structure that creates a dense, heavy material. The rock is resilient to direct pressure, resilient to heat, and does not break down quickly when exposed to moisture. Additionally, the aggregate form of limestone can be broken down into finer materials so it is easily incorporated into other products that consist of sand and other particles. For example, cement is commonly a mix of finer limestone particles, sand, and a binding agent. 

How could limestone be used in the construction process?

Limestone can be used in numerous ways during the home construction process both as raw material and incorporated into certain building products. A few examples of how you may see limestone used during the home-building process include:

  • Limestone dust may be used to stabilize the ground before the foundation is poured
  • Limestone gravel may be used as a subsurface for a paved driveway 
  • Limestone will be incorporated into the cement that may be used to create the foundation 

In addition, things like tile and brick used for masonry work may have limestone components. 

Is limestone sourced responsibly?

Limestone is actually one of the most abundant natural types of rock found on the planet. You can find limestone quarries in various places around the world, and the majority of the rock is sourced responsibly. If you do have major concerns, any good contractor working with limestone can provide information about where the rock is sourced so you can investigate the mining actions on your own. Companies like Small's Sand Gravel Inc are a great resource for limestone construction sourcing.