Sometimes, the damage that storms cause to your home is minor. You may only need help with some of the minor repairs like patching a leak or repairing damage to finishes. These are projects that a handyman service can do for you quickly. The following minor storm damage repairs for custom homes are things you may need help with:

Repairing Problems With Minor Roof Damage

The problems with roof damage can often be minor issues that you need to deal with on your own. Luckily, these are also problems that a handyman service can help you with. Some of the minor roof damage that a handyman can quickly repair includes:

  • Issues with wear at flashing in valleys and walls
  • Missing shingles due to winds
  • Pitting and minor leaks
  • Installation of emergency tarps

These are some of the minor roof damage issues that you may need to have repaired after a storm.

Dealing With Broken Windows

The windows in your home can also be damaged during storms. There are several reasons for this damage, which include:

  • Broken glass that needs to be replaced
  • Casing becoming out of level
  • Damage to hardware on windows and doors

These are some of the different issues with damaged doors and windows.

Repairing Damage to Exterior Moldings

The moldings on the exterior of your home can also be damaged during storms. Sometimes, the damage is due to winds and can be repaired easily. The following molding and trim repairs may be needed for the exterior of your home:

  • Window casing trim that is damaged
  • Water problems and rot of exterior moldings
  • Damage to friezes and other exterior molding details

These are some of the trim and molding repairs that may be needed for your home after a storm.

Damage to Exterior Finishes That Need Repairs

The damage to exterior finishes is another problem that you will have to deal with. These problems can be siding that has been damaged by debris or blown off by the wind. It can also damage brickwork or other finishes that have been struck by objects during severe weather. No matter the cause of the damage, you will want to talk to the handyman service for help with repairs.

These are projects that a handyman service can often help you with when your home needs repairs. When you have minor storm damage repairs and other maintenance that needs to be done, call a handyman service for help.