Your stucco siding should last for many years without the need for repairs, but it's possible that cracks and holes will develop at some point. Stucco repairs should be done as soon as possible because the damage will probably spread if you don't. Here's a look at how to repair damaged stucco siding.

Use Caulk On Tiny Cracks

It's always good to keep an eye on your siding so you can make repairs as soon as damage is noticeable. Even tiny cracks should be filled in, or rain can seep through and cause the stucco to bubble up or separate. Tiny cracks can be filled in with caulk.

Look for caulk that's the same color as your house so you can avoid the need to paint over the repairs later. If you can't find the right caulk color, then you may need to cover the caulk with paint so the repairs aren't noticeable.

Fill In Large Cracks

Larger cracks can be filled in with a stucco patch. First, crumbly edges have to be dug out so the patch will attach to solid stucco. Then the patch can be pushed into the crack and allowed to dry so you can paint the repaired area later.

Caulk and patches are primarily for small damaged areas that are mostly cosmetic problems. Once cracks are large enough, or holes and crumbles develop, you may need to call a stucco repair professional for help.

Repair Large Damaged Areas

Stucco bubbles, crumbling, and holes can't be patched in the same way as tiny cracks. Instead, all the damaged areas have to be chipped away until you find strong stucco.

Once all the crumbly stucco has been removed, a repair professional will check the structures under the siding. If necessary, the metal mesh is cut out too. Stucco siding usually has wood lath topped by builder's paper, metal mesh, and then the cement mixture. The repair person makes sure there is no water damage to the lower structures that need to be repaired.

The new stucco is usually applied in three coats. The first coat is called the scratch coat because the contractor makes deep scratches in it so the next coat will adhere better. The contractor will probably mix the stucco on the spot and apply it with a trowel, and wait until the scratch coat is dry before adding the second. The final coat is applied a few days after the second coat is completely dry.

Completing the stucco repairs could take several days since each coating has to dry out before the next one can be added. After the final coat is applied, it needs to dry for several days before the repairs can be covered with paint. You might want to paint the entire wall so the paint blends in, and once the repaired area is painted, it shouldn't be noticeable at all.