If you want to build a patio or deck for your outdoor enjoyment, the first thing you need to decide is if you want concrete, wood, or stone pavers. Each has its advantages, but concrete might be the best choice overall. Here's a look at why.

1. The Cost Is Lower

Wood decks and stone pavers can be more expensive to install. When your budget is a major factor in your decision, you may decide to go with concrete. The materials cost less, and installation is easier, so the installation costs are usually lower too.

Wood decks and stone pavers have to be built piece by piece. That increases the complexity of the installation and also increases the time it takes to install the patio or deck. Ready-mix cement is used to create a concrete patio and it's poured into a frame, spread out, and allowed to cure.

2. There Are A Lot Of Options To Consider

You don't necessarily have to build a blank slab patio. Instead, you can have the patio designed in any shape you want since the cement mixture can be poured into any shape the frame takes on. You can also choose a variety of colors for the patio and have a sealer applied that makes the patio look glossy if you want your patio to look like it's always wet.

Plus, the contractor can stamp designs in the cement mixture before it hardens to give your patio the appearance of brick or stone construction. You could even stamp part of the patio to create a circular design with a monogram or create a mosaic pattern with different colors. Decorative concrete costs more than a blank slab, but it can give your property a unique appearance.

3. Concrete Is Easy To Care For

If you have your patio sealed, dirt and stains won't be much of a problem since the sealcoat protects the patio underneath it. Even if you don't have your patio sealed, it's still easy to care for since concrete is so durable. You can clean it with a hose or power washer and clear it off with a broom. You don't have to worry about rot as you do with wood or individual pavers sinking as you do with stones.

Your patio might develop cracks as it ages, but cracks are easy to repair with crack filler. A contractor can even raise the slab if it happens to sink on one side and become unlevel. A patio made of concrete should give you many years of enjoyment without having to spend a lot of time on maintenance.