Homes with exterior walls, high-reaching chimneys, and sturdy posts all constructed from brick or rustic stone are beautiful to behold. Homeowners who live in homes totally devoid of masonry features may feel like their home is too plain or may even consider it to be unattractive. If you are a homeowner who would love to enjoy the experience of beautifying your home by adding masonry accents or features, here are some ideas you may wish to explore. 

A partial or full brick or rock front

An easy and dramatic way to create the impression of a masonry home is to add a partial wall of brick or stone to the front of your home. Adding this type of wall may require a narrow strip of reinforced concrete at the bottom of the wall. This will provide foundational support for the weight of the brick or stone and the resulting shelf will also help to hold the bottom row of brick or stone more securely in place. 

The height of the masonry wall can stop at window sill level or go all the way to the eaves, depending on the homeowner's preferences and any structural elements that need to be considered. If brick window ledges are desired, or the brick or stone will be installed above doors and windows, steel lintels will be used in those areas to add structural support. 

Posts and walkways 

Whether you choose to add a full or partial front or none at all, you can still get the brick or stone experience you crave by adding masonry porch or gate posts, sidewalks, or patio surfaces. These simple masonry structures can usually be added to an existing home without making any expensive structural changes. In addition, small projects of this type can be added incrementally, as time or household finances allow. 

Outdoor fireplaces 

While completely separate from the structure of the home, homeowners who want to enjoy sitting by their own fireplace may consider adding an outdoor version to their backyard or patio area. In addition to providing relaxation and enjoyment, outdoor fireplaces have become very popular with prospective buyers and can add additional value to the home. To complete the experience, homeowners may also want to add stone benches or include an oven in the design of their outdoor fireplace. 

These ideas are just simple solutions for homeowners who crave masonry improvements for their homes. To get additional ideas and explore the process of masonry construction, homeowners will want to discuss their ideas and home improvement goals with a reputable masonry contractor in their area. Contact a masonry company for more information.