Many of the most valuable resources available are located below the Earth's surface. Drilling rigs have been developed to help gain access to these subterranean resources.

Standard drill rigs are used on most drill sites, but some sites have limitations that prevent standard drill rigs from functioning effectively. Specialty drill rigs are needed to work within these limited access sites. 

1.  Limited Geographic Footprint

The size of the drill site can have a direct impact on a standard rig's ability to drill safely. Standard drill rigs are large, and they require a support crew to function properly. Smaller drill sites are not capable of accommodating large drills and all of the support vehicles that go along with them.

A smaller specialty drill rig can be secured when the geographic footprint of your drill site is on the small side. The ability to access a drill rig in a smaller size can help you overcome site limitations when drilling for valuable resources.

2. Poor Ventilation

If you need to drill on a site that is located indoors, ventilation can become a major concern. Improperly vented diesel or propane fumes could pose a serious safety hazard to anyone working on an indoor drill site.

Standard drill rigs are not designed to be used indoors. You will need to secure a specialty rig when working on a site where ventilation is limited. Specialty rigs can be equipped with their own contained ventilation systems.

This design ensures that all workers on the site will be protected from dangerous fumes. You don't have to limit your drilling to outdoor sites only when you make use of specialty drill rigs.

3. Atypical Terrain

The type of terrain on a drill site can determine if a standard drill rig is appropriate for your project. Standard drill rigs are designed to be used on flat, even surfaces. This means that any drill site located on an incline, accessible only by rough roads, or located over water can be impossible for a standard drill rig to reach.

You will need to utilize a specialty drill that is designed to work with the specific terrain found on your drill site. Specialty drills make it possible to work in any location, which can greatly increase your ability to access the resources you need.

Limited access drill sites can be tricky to deal with. Be sure that you use the right specialty drill to help you overcome any site conditions that might sideline standard drill rigs. For more information about limited access drilling solutions, reach out to a local professional.