Trees provide a great addition and beauty to your yard with shade and a home for wildlife. However, from time to time it may be necessary to remove a tree growing from your yard for reasons, such as disease, insect infestations, or conditions of the surrounding environment. So, when you need to remove a tree, be sure you do it right. Here are some recommendations to help you handle removing a tree from your yard in a safe and efficient manner.

Evaluate the Situation

Before you should consider the prospect of removing a tree from your yard by yourself, you need to determine if it is a safe project. Trees can weigh thousands of pounds and be tens of feet in height, which makes it a formidable vegetation growth that you can't simply cut down. A good rule of thumb to follow is if the tree is large enough that you cannot cut it down from the safety of the ground, you should not do it yourself but instead hire a tree professional. 

If you were to choose to cut a large tree down by yourself that is too tall to reach from the ground, you will need to climb a ladder to cut off the outer limbs. Using a chainsaw while you are on a ladder and reaching to trim off branches can put you in an unbalanced position and at risk of falling and getting cut from the chainsaw. You also put your home and nearby structures at risk of damage from the falling tree limbs.

Fell the Tree Safely

There are opportunities when you can safely fell a tree in its entirety by cutting away at the trunk. When you do this it is essential that you make sure the tree is not in a position where it may land on your home or nearby homes or vehicles. The reason for this is even if you plan to pull the tree down in one direction where it will land in your yard and miss the fence and nearby structures, there is still the chance it will fall in the wrong direction.

You can use a safe tree felling technique by cutting a wedge out of the base of the tree trunk in the direction that you want the tree to fall. Then, on the opposite side of the trunk, make another cut straight into the trunk. Next, use a rope to pull the tree over or push the tree from its opposite side. Be sure you vacate the area to prevent someone getting injured by the tree when it falls. Then, dismantle the tree and cut its limbs into pieces.

To remove a large tree the best option is to hire a professional tree removal. They will use the right safety equipment and expert knowledge to cut the tree down and even remove the stump for you.