When it comes to custom home construction, you essentially have a blank canvas to work with. From custom cabinets and heated floors to outdoor living spaces and swimming pools, the possibilities in a custom home are truly endless. Developing a budget can be difficult as you try to balance reality and your wish list. To ensure that you don't break the bank, you will want to figure out the things you are able to splurge on and the things that you need to save on.

Where to Splurge

Ideally, the components of a custom home that you should splurge on are the ones that will be permanent. These are parts of the home that will be very expensive or nearly impossible to change down the road.

Structural Materials

You will want to spend more on the materials that provide your home with a structure. If you decide to skimp on these materials, you may find yourself dealing with expensive repairs as a result of cracks in the walls, leaks, etc. To ensure your home is structurally sound, safe, and secure, invest in quality materials for your foundation, insulation, windows, doors, and HVAC system.

Kitchen Components

You spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, which is why it is called the heart of the home. You spend time cooking, eating with your family, entertaining guests, and gathering for the holidays in the kitchen. Therefore, you need to ensure this space meets your long-term needs. While designing your kitchen, make sure that you focus on certain features that will be hard to incorporate later on, such as countertops, storage, appliances, and the overall layout.


To ensure that your home is built right, you do not want to skimp on labor. Choose a quality contractor who is licensed, comes highly recommended, and is experienced. By cutting costs, you may wind up with a contractor who doesn't work well with you. When obtaining quotes from contractors, ask to review prior projects and check their references. Don't forget to interview several custom home builders.

Where to Save

Ultimately, when it comes to saving, you will want to focus on features of the home that are not permanent and are not structural components. Generally, these items will be ones that are far less expensive to add, upgrade, or replace in the future.

Fixtures and Finishes

When you are trying to stay on budget with your custom home build, you can always find the basics of something, and then upgrade it later on. So, when you are tight on money, you can save with light fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware. Plus, things like this tend to go out of style quicker.

Function vs. Space

You can expect to spend more money on a bigger home. To get the most out of your budget, you should focus on function over space. Rather than building the biggest house, make sure that you are creating the most efficient home layout to ensure that you are not wasting space. Consider an open floor plan, as this will create the illusion of a larger home while also allowing you to make the most of your square footage.

For more information, contact a custom home construction company in your area.