Remodeling an apartment kitchen is a fantastic way to attract tenants because having a new kitchen is such a nice feeling. Plus, an all-new kitchen almost guarantees that the appliances and fixtures will have the latest technology to make them more efficient, both in terms of energy usage and function.

Apartment kitchens tend to be rather small, though. While many still have ample room, you're generally not dealing with the majestic luxury kitchens you see in houses. Choices must be made about the types of renovations you want done to maximize the space while not skimping on technology or looks.

Pro Stove or More Counter Space?

One such choice is whether to install a professional-style stove and oven or to increase the counter space. A professional range is usually wider and takes up more kitchen real estate. If you install a standard range and oven, however, you can use the extra space for more cabinets and counters. It really depends on who you can attract with the new kitchen design as well as how much money you want to spend on installations. Installing a professional stove is simple; installing more cabinets and counter space is also simple, but it takes more time and resources.

Tall Cabinets or Open Storage Space?

Upper cabinets can either sit against the ceiling (or have a fake front covering up the space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling) or have open space that many people use as storage. It's also common to find plants sitting up on top of the cabinets. At the same time, those open spaces become dusty, while taller cabinets with doors keep out the dust. Taller cabinets will likely cost more, but you may attract more potential tenants with the promise of a cleaner kitchen if there's no open space above the cabinets.

Kitchen Island or Bar-Style Extension?

If the kitchen is wide open, you have the option of installing a kitchen island or creating a U-shape by adding a bar-like extension. The kitchen island can be very versatile, serving as prep space, storage space, and a small dining area. However, it takes up valuable floor space. You want to be sure that if you install an island, you're not compromising on space in the path around the island. A bar-like extension wouldn't take up space in the middle.

Contractors can give you estimates for how much each addition would cost, and they could show you which materials might be best in terms of life span versus cost. Upgrading kitchens in apartments may sound like a lot of work, but it pays off in the end. Contact an apartment renovation service for more information.